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Our innovative ads platform enables publishers to drive real connections with their audiences and unlock new opportunities for growth.

We Help You Grow Your Business

With Adworks 365, you will have a dedicated Publisher Manager who will help you achieve our common objective of growing your revenue and establishing a lasting partnership. Publishers can set their own ad-related conditions, have more control over the price per impression, and earn more money with preferred offers on Adworks 365.

Publishers can access the largest network of top-demand sources at no cost with Adworks 365, which also offers favorable terms for completing preferred partnerships. Anticipate a programmatic ecosystem that is extraordinarily advantageous for exclusive advertiser-to-publisher programmatic trading, and that is profitable, equitable, safe, and transparent.

Why Publishers Choose Adworks 365?

Generate the Best Possible CPM

Deep machine learning technology, which adjusts to current market conditions, is the foundation around which Adworks 365 is constructed. Establish your inventory pricing and allow the feature that determines the optimal floor price to determine the best value for each unique impression. Boost fill rates while getting the best price for your product.

Drive Revenue

When combined with Adworks 365, revenue integration gives publishers access to more demand sources and increases their visibility. Present your ad inventory to numerous demand partners at the same time to spark fierce competition. Find out how valuable each impression really is. Maximize the revenue from your web and app audiences.

Tap Into the Private Marketplace

Engage in private marketplace trade while maximizing the benefits of programmatic and conventional direct sales transactions. In PMP auctions, sell your exclusive goods and target a certain buyer group to find out who is buying impressions. Improved transparency and significantly larger eCPMs can be obtained by monetizing your inventory through open RTB auctions.

Who Can Acquire Benefit From This?

Anyone can use Adworks 365 to make money. You will be onboarded immediately if you satisfy our acceptance standards. We serve companies in the following verticals, ranging in size:


Proprietors of affiliate businesses, price comparison services, and websites.


Buyers of media who oversee targeted and contextual advertising.


Whether new or seasoned, bloggers and vloggers.


Loyalty schemes and cashback services.


Owners and participants in social media groups and messaging services.

How to Get Started as a Publisher?

Sign Up as a Publisher

We will send you an email when you complete the form with your contact details and media channel links; you must open it in order to validate the account.

Access Campaigns

You have access to more than a hundred unique campaigns from reputable and well-established companies.

Apply to Campaigns

Apply to the campaigns where your target market is represented.

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What Our Client’s Saying

Adworks 365 has completely transformed our advertising strategy. Their performance advertising services are unparalleled in the market. With their expertise and meticulous approach, they have helped us achieve outstanding results, driving significant growth for our business.

Gautam Singh

The team at Adworks 365 is not only highly knowledgeable but also extremely responsive and dedicated to achieving our goals. With their expertise, we have witnessed a significant boost in our business growth and brand recognition. If you’re looking for top-notch performance advertising services, Adworks 365 is the go-to solution.

Priyansha Simon

Adworks 365 has truly revolutionized the world of performance advertising services. With their exceptional expertise and cutting-edge strategies, they have consistently delivered outstanding results for our business. From optimizing campaigns to maximizing ROI, Adworks 365 has proven time and time again that they are the go-to choice for driving exceptional performance in advertising.

Siddharth Shukla

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Adworks 365 uses a unique, patented ad experience and a carefully selected publisher list consisting only of reliable, high-quality properties to target digital audiences across the globe.