A Leading Performance Marketing Agency

 specializes in user acquisition  and monetisation

A Leading Performance Marketing Agency

 specializes in user acquisition  and monetisation


Adworks 365  is a performance marketing agency specializes in mobile app user acquisition and monetisation. It focuses on IOS and android app store campaigns and works with CPI, CPA and CPE type business models. With Adworks 365 expertise app owners and developers can acquire LTV (life-time value) and real users. Advertisers can grow users and reach KPI’s and goals.

Adworks 365 also provides advertisers a programmatic platform to buy inventory in both display and video. Deliver your ad creatives to right users on in-app mobile, desktop and video premium inventory. Maximize your ROI by advertising efficiently across all types of mobile and video ad formats.



Adworks 365 is a trusted and reliable partner for all your performance and programmatic advertising needs at one place. In modern day advertising we use the latest technology to give our partners a fully featured platform for their global advertising reach and needs.

Display Advertising

Adworks 365 RTB platform enables advertiser
to reach billions of users real-time and
advertise their product on mobile web,
in-app and desktop traffic. Choose
your convenience fully managed
or self-serve platform.

Video Advertising

Adworks 365 programmatic platform enables
advertisers to launch and manage
video campaigns on cross-screen
multiple types of video ads,
including interactive  post-rolls,
pre-rolls, rewarded videos

Performance Based

Partner with Adworks 365 performance network to reach all your performance goals. Advertisers can acquire new users
and grow their users. Publishers
can monetize their traffic with
our direct demand sources.


Acquire new users on your Android or IOS mobile app with Adworks 365 performance network to achieve high retention rates and return on advertising spend (ROAS). Reach your advertising goals with our premium mobile inventory.

Performance based

Pay based on your performance user-acquisition goals CPI, CPA, CPM and CPE type models.

Brand Safe

Advertise your product to right audience and show your ad to right user at the right moment.

GDPR Compliant

We are GDPR compliant with strong data protection for European union mobile users.



Our Global premium inventory is fully transparent and we are able to pass all the parameters required by advertiser.


Reach your audience worldwide with our premium inventory for all your advertising goals.

Fraud Protection

Protect your brand with our internal data system built for fraud protect and using external certified forensic tools


Adworks 365 is dedicated to provide mobile advertisers the highest quality user acquisition platform.



Installs p/m

Impressions p/m

B+ Clicks

% Quality


Publishers and affiliates can register and access direct campaigns worldwide in CPI, CPA and CPE type offers and generate revenue. Get access to top working offers worldwide in verticals like Entertainment, gaming, shopping, gambling, travel & utilities.